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Diet Friendly Snacking Chocolates

About us

In 2017 we at Fanette started with the idea that we could make an extremely delicious and sugar free yummy snacking chocolate. A chocolate which is diet friendly gives us chance to enjoy the benefits of the coco solids without getting in to a complete non detox mode, enriched with all the nuts seeds, berries and other antioxidants from the superfoods family.
To complete this task and various experiments we came across this absolutely no refined sugar, no honey and no jaggery snacking chocolate, witch could be enjoyed at any scrumptious moment, that is a mid morning munch, an afternoon delight, before or post a workout or in a midnight madness hunger moment.
Thus making this our happy Fanette moments, and with this came about Fanette using blends and coco solids and cacao powders and ingredients that enrich and enhance all our six flavours.